Intentional Technology

The Science of Infusing Intention

In collaboration with Dr. Dean Radin, author of “Conscious Universe and Entangled Minds,” and Senior Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, the HESA Institute conducted a pilot experiment designed to test the process of embedding intention into tangible matter. The study found that one ounce of Intentional Chocolate per day for three days increased subjects’ well-being, vigor and energy by an average of 67% and, in some cases, up to 1,000%, when compared to a control group.

Walsh states that, “It is no longer simply about the pleasure sensation associated with chocolate consumption. We now have the ability to restore orderly energy back into our foods, allowing our human energy system to run more efficiently. It is a step closer to bringing chocolate to its promise as the ‘Food of the Gods’.”

Walsh and daughters, Ashley and Cami, recognized the endless potential of the cacao tree and the living energy that surrounds chocolate itself, and has dedicated his life and career to the quest to create the ultimate chocolate experience. Together with his daughter Ashley Walsh, who joined the family business and oversees the Unites States operations and marketing, Walsh has been instrumental in building awareness about the unique properties of chocolate: its health benefits, the transcendent attributes of its tastes and textures, and most importantly, its soul and functional attributes. Walsh envisioned a product that would change the way people understood sustenance and the nutritional value of food.

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