Intentional Nutrition and Living Intentionally

With the introduction of this groundbreaking new product, creator and founder Jim Walsh aims to create an entirely new category of chocolate that both enhances its already beneficial qualities and brings our understanding of nutrition to another level. The product is unique among all foods in that it has been experimentally demonstrated to improve the overall well-being of those who consume it. This makes it the first of a new line of food products designed to provide sensory delight, exceptional nutrition, and a novel, scientifically demonstrated form of “intentional nutrition.”

In our short lifetime, this ingredient has led to a great deal of success and praise for the effect Intentional Chocolate has on those who consume it.

Though the effectiveness of this empowerment has been scientifically substantiated under double-blind, placebo-controlled conditions, Walsh focuses less on the scientific aspects and more on the intentions behind the product. “More and more people are yearning to live a purposeful, intentional life and to express our good intentions for the world. Intentional Chocolate reminds us, in a particularly delicious form, that we can do good for ourselves by wishing well to others.”

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