What is Intention?

Intention is a thought, a blessing, a prayer, any act of consciousness that comes from the we not the me.™ To be intentional is to lead a purposeful life, to create meaning through decisions and actions that do no harm and benefit others™. At the core of intention is love. Any individual who is giving back to society through any number of mechanisms; undertaking a spiritual mission, working with not for profit and some for profit organizations, comes from a conscious thought that is intention. Consumers are making intentional choices every day by being more environmentally and socially aware of the interconnectedness of the world around us.

There is a human condition that calls for people from all walks of life to make a difference in the world. For many people the real questions are how can they make a difference, and where do they start? At Intentional Chocolate™ we have begun by reminding people, in a particularly delicious form that we can do good for ourselves by wishing well to others. Intentional Chocolate™ is the result of breakthrough technology enabling chocolate to be “embedded” with the focused good intentions of experienced meditators. Intentional Chocolate™ is unique among food products in that it has been experimentally demonstrated to improve the overall well being of those who consume it. The results of this pilot study are published in the November 2007 edition of the peer reviewed, scientific publication Explore: the Journal of Science and Healing. Intentional Chocolate™ is the first product born out of mind- matter technology.

We believe that the power of intention is available to everyone and will outline the steps that give rise to intention taking material form. The first step is simply focus as illustrated above.

Do no harm, benefit others, eat Intentional Chocolate™

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