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Intentional Chocolate™

  • The company’s core mission is to do no harm and benefit others. At the highest level the brand resonates with consumers seeking to lead a more purposeful life
  • The strategic advantage is an innovative technology that embeds the intentions of advanced meditators into chocolate and bridges the gaps between spirituality and science. This is the first mind matter product in the market
  • The target market addresses a market segment that is being described as a mega-trend by 76% of executive’s worldwide, health and well-being. A recent Youtube video about Intentional Chocolate™ received over 150,000 hits in a 48-hour period.
  • The company’s products facilitate individuals and organizations in expressing their deepest emotions to their loved ones, such as I love you, I miss you, thank you. In addition, these offerings represent consumers’ core values about the interconnectedness of the world and our relationships to one another.
  • The company intends to build purposeful partnerships through on-line retail, social networking and intentional fundraising distribution channels.
  • The unanticipated business model for Intentional Chocolate™ is grounded upon the principle of offerings not outcomes. This is our expression of love: 20-50% of net profits will be reinvested into purposeful partnerships and intentional causes for the benefit of mankind.
  • To walk the talk and express an attitude of gratitude our first offering to an intentional cause is to help the Dalai Lama in supporting a learning center at the Deer Park Buddhist Center in Oregon, WI that envisions an ongoing dialogue between Eastern and Western scientists about the nature of consciousness.

The Intentional Chocolate™ Company, LLC has “cracked the code” with its revolutionary new line of chocolate, proven by science to heighten wellbeing. Embedded with intention and ordered energy, Intentional Chocolate™ is changing the way we understand food.

Walsh has dedicated his life and career to the continued quest to create the ultimate chocolate experience. Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate ascended to the ranks of the world’s most revered gourmet chocolates and was reported on in The New York Times as “the best chocolate in the world.” Illustrious and influential individuals who have enjoyed Hawaiian Vintage chocolate include the Dalai Lama, whose first taste of chocolate ever consumed was of Hawaiian Vintage, it was also given as a Presidential gift to the Royal Family of Japan, and the company’s “Love Truffles” were served at the wedding of Bill & Melinda Gates. It is has been a favorite of top chefs worldwide including Paul Bocuse, Emeril Lagasse, Bobbie Flay, Bradley Ogden, Charlie Trotter, Daniel Boulud, , and Roy Yamaguchi. Walsh and Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate has been featured on Emeril Live, PBS, Best of the Food Network, Good Morning America, CNN, Talking Food, Julia’s Kitchen and in such publications as: The New York Times, Organic Style, Sunset, Atlantic Monthly, Newsweek, Gourmet Magazine, Country Living, and Food & Wine. 

In tune with the current climate of living a more conscious lifestyle, Walsh’s introduction of functional and now Intentional Chocolate™ comes at an opportune time. Mainstream America has become more receptive than it once was to the idea of longevity and maintaining overall optimum health.

It is the mission of Jim Walsh, with the introduction of Intentional Chocolate,™ to bring back the “sacredness” and enhanced quality in the foods we eat. Walsh envisions a product that changes the way people understand sustenance and nutritional value of food. Walsh states that, “In addition to creating pleasure with chocolate, we now have the ability to restore orderly energy back into our foods, which tunes our human energy system to run more efficiently. It is a step closer to chocolate becoming the ‘Food of the Gods’.”

Walsh’s revolutionary breakthrough in intentional imbedding and the introduction of Intentional Chocolate™ promises to profoundly impact the way consumers relate to chocolate and offers unlimited potential for a wide range of foods, beverages and health care products. While future applications may be promising, chocolate’s ancient mystical qualities make it an ideal inaugural candidate for this pioneering technology. Walsh continues to commit himself to the research and development of cacao-based products and the education of “intentional technology.”

Together with his daughters Ashley and Cami, who joined the family business and oversees USA’s operations and marketing, Walsh has been instrumental in building awareness about the unique properties of chocolate: its health benefits, the transcendent attributes of its tastes and textures, and most importantly, its soul and functional attributes.

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The Intentional Chocolate™ Company, LLC, is a sister company of Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate. Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate Company, Inc. is a publicly-traded company (OTC: HWVI). The company is a leading developer and innovator of gourmet varietal chocolate.  For further information on Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate and its products, call or visit


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