Hawaiian Vintage’s Journey to Intentional Chocolate™


Hawaiian Vintage is taking chocolate into the 21st century and beyond. What has been considered folklore and what chocolate users intuitively knew for thousands of years has now been scientifically proven. But before we talk about that let’s step back into the history of HVC to see how the company’s philosophy and intention has brought us to this point.


In 1986 the journey began with an intention of revealing & sharing the true nectar of the gods with the world. Seven years of research and development yielded a way to honor the 4000 year old soul of the cacao bean. Using a combination of innovation, persistence and faith to rethink the four pillars of energetic food - environment, genetics, post harvest handling and intention, Hawaiian Vintage, as the first grower of cacao in the USA, created the world’s first Vintage/Varietal Chocolate in 1992. We spent the next 5 years spreading the word about the true properties of chocolate, its amazing health qualities, the transcendent attributes of tastes, texture and most importantly its soul.


Then the Cacao gods decided that just producing what the New York Times called the “best chocolate in the world” was not enough to honor chocolate. In 1996 a scientist, Mark Erb, from Austin Texas arrived carrying a message from the cacao shamans of the upper Amazon (cacao’s birth place). Mark had been told by these jungle shamans to contact the man (Jim Walsh, HVC’s founder) working with the sacred cacao trees in the United States. He was to give this man the following message from the Deva or living spirit of Cacao – “the cacao tree is here on earth to heal the etheric heart of man and this mission is as important as plankton fixing oxygen from the sea. Continue your work,” the Deva commanded, “it is critical to cacao fulfilling its purpose.” Not fully understanding this message, Jim Walsh continued working with the world’s top chefs educating chocolate lovers to the benefits of great chocolate and in so doing changed America view of chocolate.

In 1997, as Hawaiian Vintage emerges as a public company, its principal investment banker suffers a massive heart attack. Six months later while walking through Hawaiian Vintage cacao fields he tastes the outside coating of the cacao bean. This fluid, not commercially available, is a wonderful treat tasting like a sweet sour tropical fruit packed with amazing energy. In less than a minute he turns to Marie Walsh and says I don’t have chest pain for the first time in 2 years – what is in this fluid!


It was as if the Deva was completing its message from two years prior. This unveiling of yet another glory of the cacao bean led to three years of research and development by Hawaiian Vintage. Jim Walsh, finally understood (or so he thought), the Deva’s message and created the technology for functional chocolate. The resultant technology creating heart healthy, better for you chocolate was licensed to a venture with a division of PepsiCo. Much of the work done by Hawaiian during those years is the basis for the current literature promoting the Heart Healthy nature of dark chocolate. After changing the way consumers related to chocolate once more we thought we had done our part to educate the world to the amazing benefits of this true “Food of the Gods”.


Then, in an inspirational moment in 2004, after watching miraculous events occur for years with the eating of Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate, Jim Walsh realized the model for  human nutrition is incomplete. He knew he needed to look deeper. The following two years of research and development prepared Hawaiian to take its biggest leap of faith yet. It was prepared to talk about the energy field that surrounds chocolate and how that energy field affects us all. He had observed that when great chefs personally prepare food they produce consistent affective results not duplicated by substitutes using the same recipes. He observed what can only be described as the Mother’s chicken soup syndrome. Lovingly prepared foods by one who cares has curative properties. This led him to consider intention and the impact intention has on food. Could someone using intentional technology change the nature of food? This is the underlying animus behind organic farming, raw foods, bio-dynamic farming, slow foods, rain forest environmental groups. They are all attempting to address the reality of intention in the processing of food.

The HESA Institute, whose research on the Human Energy System, has proven that intention does impact our food. In a pilot study with 4 groups of 15 volunteers eating Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate: the control group eating regular HVC, the other three groups eating chocolate embedded by specific HESA intentional technologies found that intention significantly influences the nature of matter.


Once again the path has been opened for Hawaiian Vintage to change the way we relate to chocolate and perhaps to all foods. We have licensed the intentional technology from HESA and will be offering, in limited quantities, an alpha version of intentional chocolate. This chocolate is embedded with the following intention:

An individual who consumes this chocolate will manifest optimal health and functioning at physical, emotional and mental levels, and in particular will enjoy an increased sense (coherence) of energy, vigor and well-being.

The study showed that the three groups who ate the intentional chocolate received the following benefits:

  • Decreased stress
  • Increased energy
  • Less fatigue
  • More calmness
  • Greater focus
  • Improved general well being
  • ….and, of course, great pleasure

By the way the control group who ate the regular Hawaiian Chocolate also received these benefits but in a significantly reduced fashion.

Enjoy and let us know the synchronicities, unexpected good luck, dreams, life changes, or out of the ordinary occurrences in your life while encountering our Intentional Chocolate TM - your feedback will help us better fashion the beta version of intentional chocolate.


  1. to you for making the world more coherent by ingesting this Nectar of the Gods 


The journey never ends …..

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