About Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate

Walsh founded Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate in 1992. His vision was to create the world's first varietal chocolate in a fashion similar to that of the wine industry. While initially grown in Hawaii, a climate and geographical environment conducive to the cultivation of exceptional cacao trees, Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate is now gathered from across the globe.

Prior to launching Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate, Walsh matched specific genetic qualities of cacao trees to the unique environment, or terroir, of Hawaii. Various types of plants were tested for compatibility with the state’s climate and soil. He only selected the few exceptional options and bred them to create the fourth distinct variety of cacao in the world—Hawaiian—the first new variety in 80 years.

Through combining the understanding of the cacao plant’s unique properties and genetic development, Walsh is now able to pass on Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate’s proprietary code for varietal growing to partner cacao growers, enabling its cultivation in various locations throughout the world.

Gourmet chocolate from Walsh’s Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate growing has been enjoyed by connoisseurs in the finest dining rooms around the world including chefs and culinary giants who swear by its products, including Paul Bocuse, Emeril Lagasse, Bobbie Flay, Bradley Ogden, Charlie Trotter, Daniel Boulud, and Roy Yamaguchi.

The Intentional Chocolate Company, LLC, a sister company to Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate, creates Intentional products, brands and marketing opportunities. Intentional Chocolate is available to consumers through its website and to chefs and culinary professionals through selected specialty distributors.

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